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Friday, June 26, 2015

MD Anderson Visit in June

We visited MD Anderson last week for a check on my progress. Based on the scan results it looks like everything is still shrinking. The current plan is for me to get two more rounds of chemo in Indianapolis and then return to MD Anderson to evaluate if I am ready for surgery. It is possible I will need more chemo but we don't know that until after we see how my tumors respond to this chemo. I am finishing up the first round this week and will get the second round the week of July 13th. My appointments in Houston are around Aug. 3rd.

Here is a picture Sandi put together with some of the highlights of the trip to Houston:

We did get to enjoy a Houston Astros game while we were in town. I was very excited that we got tickets for $7 in the lower level. Apparently they are having trouble drawing fans. The picture on the bottom left is not as self-explanatory. I had the pleasure of doing a 24 hour urine sampling. This entails collecting all your urine for 24 hours and it must be chilled. Since we were staying in a hotel I had a nice cooler I got to carry around. Yes, pretty gross! All I could think while I was carrying it was "what would the people around me think if they had any idea what was in my cooler!".  The last picture is the peanuts band-aid you get when having bloodwork done on the peds unit.

As I write this I am finishing up my last session of chemo this week and everything is going fine.

That is all for now.

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